Getting Started: Setting up a Safesite Account for your Organization

Start here if you are setting up your account for your company as an Organization Administrator

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Welcome to Safesite!

The Safesite Platform provides a paperless solution to help log information for Safety Actions which include inspections, meetings, hazards, observations, equipment, and incidents.

After Safety Actions are logged on our mobile app, the reports can be viewed on the desktop by Administrators.

A Safesite account should be created by an Organization Administrator on a desktop browser or tablet to start. After creating an account, additional users must be invited to that same organization to log safety actions to the correct project(s) within the Safesite mobile app.

Complete the steps in this article to get your Safesite account up and running:

Step 1: Create your Safesite account

Before you can start using Safesite, you must first create your account on the Safesite Desktop Portal.

Navigate to and enter your information.

Once the account is created, you will navigate to the Safesite Desktop portal.

Your Safesite Account’s Organization consists of all your Projects, Mobile Users, Inspection Templates, Meeting Templates, and more.

Please review the Platform Overview for more details.

Step 2: Create Projects & Add Personnel

Projects allow you to segment and log Safety Action reports which Mobile Users complete on the Safesite Mobile app. Multiple projects can be created based on job locations, contracted work, or any other segments that make sense for the company’s use.

Click the CREATE PROJECT button in the top navigation bar and enter all required info to create your project. Click here for a Step-by-Step guide on how to create projects on the Safesite Desktop

Add Personnel

While creating a project, you can invite personnel to access this project and begin completing safety actions.

There are two places where Org Admins can edit Personnel Types and Permissions after users have been invited. There are Project Level and Organization-Wide Permissions. Please click the links below to learn more:

Create Teams

Teams are used heavily in the hazard resolution notification process, it is recommended to create team(s) to correctly use the hazard module.

Using teams is also a great way to segment personnel, subcontractors, and trades on your projects. They can also be assigned to observations or to equipment for filtering and reporting purposes.

Teams can be created when adding personnel while creating projects or afterward under the Teams page within each project.

Step 3: Assign Safety Campaigns

After creating a project, creating Safety Campaigns will assign safety actions cards such as inspections or meetings to mobile users applied to the project. Safety campaigns can be set up for the assignment of daily, weekly, or one-off safety actions for mobile users.

Inspection and Meeting Templates

Safesite has a library of meeting and inspection templates that can be assigned to within Safety Campaigns. These templates can be edited to fit the needs of the organization.

In addition, safety meeting topics or inspection forms can be created via the Safesite desktop.

Optional: Groups

Larger organizations with divisions, segments, or regions create Groups that allow administrators to manage and organize multiple projects together to review reports, analysis, and Safesite Score averages.

Note: Group reporting is available for Premium Safesite accounts and above.

Step 4: Download the Safesite App and Launch with your Company

After the account is set up, the next step would be to ensure your team begins to use the Safesite Mobile app to complete safety actions.

Download the Safesite Mobile App on your device by going to your respective application service:

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