Creating Groups

Easily create groups for multiple projects.

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Larger organizations with divisions, segments, or regions create Groups that allow administrators to manage and organize multiple projects together to review reports, analyses, and Safesite Score averages.

Group reporting is available for Premium Safesite accounts and above.

Note: You'll need to create at least two projects to utilize groups.

Watch this video on creating Groups:

How to create a group:

1. Click the drop-down arrow next to your project name and select Groups.

2. Click Create new group.

3. Enter your group details: name, member email addresses, and projects.

Note: You can create groups for multiple projects.

4. Check the private option if you would like to create a group that's only visible to you and the members you have given access to.

5. Click create.

Once you've created your group, you'll be able to utilize the Group Dashboard to compare and review the performance of the associated project.

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