Some organizations have a need to monitor the use and maintenance of equipment.

The Equipment feature allows you to register and track information about individual pieces of equipment, including locations and maintenance schedules.

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Plan how to register equipment within Projects

Register equipment on the Safesite Mobile app

Export Equipment List

Plan how to register equipment within Projects

Equipment can be registered at the project level via the Safesite mobile app. Learn more about how to decide which projects to register equipment to:

When to register all equipment on one project:

If pieces of equipment will be physically moving to different locations or job sites often, it is recommended to create one project that will house all of the equipment information to ensure the safety action reports are stored in one place. Examples include adding all PPE, Fall Protection gear, and gear that will be moved from site to site.

When to register equipment on different projects with fixed locations:

If equipment is not going to move around to different locations and will remain at a fixed location, they can be registered based on each project they are used on. Examples include Warehouse equipment or equipment affixed to site locations.

How to Register Equipment on the Safesite Mobile App

1. Open the Safesite app on your mobile device, and select the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

The screen will redirect to the New Safety Action screen. 

2. Select Inspect Equipment.

3. Select the appropriate project for the equipment. Once selected, the app will redirect to the project equipment registry screen.

4. Select Register Equipment.

5. Select a team as equipment owner.

Click here to learn more about Project Admins create teams on the Safesite Desktop

6. Input a description of the equipment. Add a photo, serial number, equipment type, make, and location. 

7. Update maintenance details. Set the last inspection date and the inspection frequency. Once updated, you'll be notified when maintenance is due. 

8. Select Register Equipment.

Your equipment will now be added to your equipment list.

At this point, you will be able to log hazards and inspections to the piece of equipment.

💡Safesite Score Tip

  • Add, maintain and inspect equipment as required and on time

Export Equipment Registry List

Safesite mobile users can review and export the Equipment Registry list of a project on the mobile app.

  1. Select the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select Inspect Equipment

  3. Select Export and enter valid email addresses of anyone inside or outside of your organization to send a PDF report of the list or piece of equipment.

For more information on logging Equipment Inspections click here.

Click on the links below to learn more about how to log each Safety Action on the Safesite Mobile app:






Equipment Inspections

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