Adding New Teams for Admins

Use teams to organize your personnel for projects.

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Teams are a subset of personnel on a project. All personnel types can be added to a team, however, personnel are not required to be on a team.

Teams are used heavily in the hazard resolution process and are a great way to segment personnel, subcontractors, and trades on your projects. Teams can also be assigned to observations or to equipment for reporting purposes.

Note: Only Project and Org Admins can add personnel to teams on the Safesite Desktop.

Watch this video to learn more about adding Teams:

How to add a Team to a project:

  1. Select the appropriate project.

3. Click the Project Details tab and select Teams.

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You'll be redirected to the Teams page that lists all the teams associated with a project.

4. Click Create New Team on the Team page.

5. Input a team name and then click create.

6. Add existing or new personnel by entering their email and then click add.

The new team will be listed on the Team page.

Once created, you can manage and add personnel as needed.

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