When you access the Safesite app, the first screen that will appear is a list of action cards that are assigned to you or your team. These cards represent unresolved hazards, incomplete actions and weekly actions that need to be completed. Upon logging in the action cards listed will be for all projects you are assigned to. To view the action cards for a single project, simply touch All Projects at the top of the screen and select the desired project from the pop-up menu. The action cards will then update accordingly.

Simply touch an action card and the app will automatically direct you to the appropriate screen to address it. 

There are three types of action cards: Unresolved Hazard cards, Incomplete Items, and Weekly Action cards.

Unresolved Hazard Cards will appear first on the list. When these are completed, the action cards will be removed from the lists of all team members.

Incomplete Items consist of actions that are still pending completion.

My Actions This Week cards will display tasks that must be completed set by a your Admin. These actions include conducting inspections, conducting meetings, and logging observations, among others. When these are completed, the action card counter will decrease or removed (if user only was required to do 1).

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