Hazards are integral to maintaining a safe environment on a project with the Safesite Mobile App you can easily add, assign and resolve hazards quickly.  

Use the steps below to add a hazard via the Safesite Mobile App.

  1. Open the Safesite app on your mobile device if you have action cards displays select the "Manage Hazard" tile or select the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

The screen will redirect to the the New Safety Action screen. 

2. The New Safety Action screen displays from here, select Add Hazard.

3. A popup menu will appear, prompting you to select the project from a dropdown list.  Select the appropriate Project tp apply the hazard, or create a new one if needed. Once you select a project, the Log Hazard screen will appear. From here you can enter all the relevant details about the hazard.

Note: This window only displays if you have multiple Projects in your organization.

4. Add Details of the hazard such as a description, picture (you can add a photo in real time or from your gallery), and the location (these can be pre-populated or you can add them accordingly).

5. Select the Responsible Team. Use the dropdown menu to select the personnel that will be responsible for addressing the hazard.

Please note if the responsible team is left blank, the  Projects Admin  will receive the hazard notification email.  For more information click here.

6. Add a Hazard and Risk Assessment. Select a risk type, risk probability, risk consequence and add details related to corrective actions in the Corrective Actions field.

Safesite will provide a Computed Risk Level and Recommend Action based upon the details provided in the Hazard and Risk Assessment.

7. Provide a Root Cause Analysis. These selections are optional and are not required to complete the Hazard report, however, if needed you can supply additional details such as the activity being performed when the hazard occurred and determine the root cause of the issue.  

8. Select Record/Resolve Hazard. Select record hazard to leave the issue open for resolution by the assigned team or select resolve if no further action is needed and all details have been provided.

For more information on "how to add a hazard" click here to watch a video tutorial.  

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