Adding a Hazard

Using the mobile app, you can add hazards to your project and assign them to appropriate personnel for resolution

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Hazard management and communication is integral to maintaining a safe working environment. Hazards can be recorded and resolved in the Safesite Mobile App.

Watch this video on adding a hazard:

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Record a Hazard via the Safesite Mobile App

1. Open the Safesite app on your mobile device. If you have action cards displayed, select the Manage Hazard tile or select the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. When selecting the plus (+) icon, the New Safety Action screen displays from here, select Record Hazard.

3. A popup menu will appear, prompting you to select the project from a dropdown list.  Select the appropriate Project to apply the hazard, or create a new one if needed.

Once you select a project, the Record Hazard screen will appear. From here you can enter all the relevant details about the hazard.

4. Add details of the hazard such as a description, pictures (you can add photos in real-time or from your gallery), and the location (these can be pre-populated or you can add them accordingly).

Note: Uploading standard image files such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG is supported while PDF and other document formats are not supported.

5. Select the Responsible Team. Use the dropdown menu to select the personnel that will be responsible for addressing the hazard.

Note: If the responsible team doesn't have personnel on it, the creator of the hazard will only receive the hazard notification email.

6. Add a Hazard and Risk Assessment. Select a risk type, risk probability, risk consequence and add details related to corrective actions in the Corrective Actions field. All risk types within Safesite conform to the industry standard WCIO list of Injury Descriptions.

Note: Safesite will provide a Computed Risk Level and Recommend Action based upon the details provided in the Hazard and Risk Assessment.

7. Provide a Root Cause Analysis. These selections are optional and are not required to complete the Hazard report, however, if needed you can supply additional details such as the activity being performed when the hazard occurred, and determine the root cause of the issue.  

8. Select Record/Resolve Hazard. Select Record Hazard to leave the issue open for resolution by the assigned team. Select Resolve Hazard if no further action is needed and all details have been provided.

💡Safesite Score Tips

  • Raise hazards in a timely manner.

  • Manage and resolve hazards within the recommended time frame.

Hazard Notifications

Teams are used heavily in the hazard resolution notification process, it is recommended for Project or Org Admins to create team(s) on the Safesite Desktop to correctly use the hazard module.

If teams are created directly from the Safesite Mobile App, they will be empty and not have personnel on them to be notified until an Admin adds personnel to the team on the Safesite desktop.

The following table breaks down how the personnel who created the hazard and personnel on the responsible team are notified about the hazard:

If you've received an email notification, open the email from your mobile device and select the Review Hazard link contained within to be directed to the mobile app.

Note: If the hazard is assigned to an empty team that doesn't have personnel assigned to it, the creator of the hazard will receive an email as displayed below.

Resolving Hazards

Regardless of risk level, any unresolved hazards assigned to you and your team will appear as action cards when you open the Safesite app under the Hazards tab.

1. Select the appropriate hazard card to view its details.

2. The next screen displays the details of the hazard, including images/photos, risk type, and probability, recommended action(s), description, corrective action and other informational details upon recording.

3. To resolve the hazard you must enter a comment or photo. You can also add any additional supporting photos of resolution via the camera icon located at the beginning of the hazard.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Comments dialog box. Using the provided text box, type in a comment regarding how the hazard was resolved. Press the Add Comment button to record your comment.

5. Once your comment and add a photograph, scroll to the bottom of the page press the green Resolve button to resolve and close the hazard.

Note: If you are unable to complete the hazard resolution process please note that Organization admins can change the Organization Settings to determine who can resolve and archive hazards in your organization.

Accessing Hazard Reports via the Safety Mobile App

Safesite mobile users can review, edit and export hazard reports through the SafetyHQ section in the mobile app.

  1. Navigate to SafetyHQ

  2. Select Hazards

  3. Select a Project, if prompted to do so

  4. You can filter hazards by the date, resolution status, team, or location.

  5. You can edit the hazard’s details by selecting the Edit button whether the hazard has been resolved or is still unresolved.

  6. If the hazard is closed you can still access it and apply additional comments.

You can send a PDF of the hazard to anyone inside or outside of your organization by entering valid email addresses by selecting the Export button.

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