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Safesite accounts are created under Organizations which include Groups, Projects, Teams, and Personnel.

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Some organizations have many ongoing projects at once, creating a need for several safety managers and personnel to keep everything on track. Safesite provides different personnel roles and permissions to fit your needs. This article explains the hierarchy of the Safesite platform and its different personnel roles.

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What is an organization?

An organization consists of all groups, projects, teams, and personnel members. Typically, your organization's name within Safesite is the name of the company you work for.

What is a group?

Groups consist of multiple projects and are typically used for reporting purposes. Groups might be organized by projects that are located in the same area, division, or for example by projects of similar types. As you can see in the diagram below, groups are optional. A project can exist without a group.

What is a project?

Each project lives within an organization and is the central place where personnel complete their safety actions. Some common use cases we see on the Safesite platform is creating a project for each organization's safety program, job site, or location. 

What is a team?

Teams are a subset of personnel on a project. Only project or org admins can add personnel to teams and set team names on the Safesite Desktop. An admin can also copy a team from an existing project.

All personnel types can be added to a team, however, personnel are not required to be on a team. They can only be added to a team on the Safesite Desktop after they have been added to the project. A team can be archived at any point by an org or project admin.

The main use case for teams include Hazard resolution. When a hazard is logged it is required to allocate a responsible team for the Hazard to be resolved by.

Teams can also be assigned to observations or to equipment for reporting and filtering purposes.

What is personnel?

Personnel are the people invited to your Safesite organization and/or projects. The personnel types on the Safesite platform include Org admins, Org members, Project admins, Project Members, and Project Guests.

It's important to note that the Safesite Desktop portal is restricted for Project and Org Admin users only. They use it to manage safety actions, review reports, add/remove personnel, and more. Non-admins can only access Safesite directly from their mobile device via the Safesite Mobile App or if using a tablet or PC using this Safesite page.

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See a visual platform overview below:

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