The personnel types on the Safesite platform include Org admins, Org members, Project admins, Project Members, and Project Guests.

It’s important to note that only Org admins and Project admins can manage permissions in the Safesite Desktop, while non-admins such as Members or Guests are not able to do so.

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In this article learn more about the following Personnel Types:


Org Admins

Org admins have the highest level of permissions within an organization. They are often the top-level safety managers for an organization. They can manage all aspects of any Project or Group within the organization, including the assignment of other org admins. There can be as many org admins as desired in a single organization.

Org admins have access to all projects within the desktop portal for reporting purposes but will need to be added to specific projects if they would like to enter safety actions or view reports on the Safesite mobile app.

It's important to note that all org admins take up an Org Member Seat.

Only organization admins are able to manage the organization-level personnel permissions under Organization Personnel to change the Org Admin or Member types.

At the project level, org admins can be added as either a Member or Project Admin for them to see specific projects on their mobile devices. Project admins will have access to daily & weekly email summaries for each project they are on.

Project Admins

As the name implies, project admins manage a project. Even if the project is part of a group, project admins are only able to manage the projects they have been given admin permissions for by an org admin.

All project admins are also required to be a member at the organization level and will take up an Org Member Seat. A project admin can manage multiple projects.

Project Admin on specific projects will receive email notifications for each project they are on which will include daily reports, weekly reports, and project status updates on whether a project is paused, inactive, or archived.

The Project Admin personnel type can be changed by navigating to Project Details Personnel ➔ selecting Admin in the Type drop-down.

Member (non-admin)

Non-admin org members are only able to access the Safesite App as mobile users. They utilize the mobile app to complete their safety actions which are assigned through Campaigns for the projects they are on. Once the safety actions are logged, the reports will be visible in reporting and analytics through the Safesite desktop for administrators to view.

The Member type can be updated at the project level after selecting the Project and Project details Personnel ➔ selecting Member from the Type dropdown.

It's important to note, that personnel who are Project Admins or Members who have safety actions scheduled on a weekly frequency in Campaigns are factored into the Safesite Score.


Guests are personnel that are typically not part of your organization (for example a Subcontractor or Trade) but can have access to your project(s). They can complete any safety actions within the mobile app, such as recording observations, raising/resolving hazards, and conducting inspections. They can also be assigned safety actions through Campaigns.

It's important to note that guests cannot be admins and cannot access the Safesite desktop reporting. The weekly safety actions of Guests are not factored into the Safesite Score.

Guests can be added to specific projects after selecting the Project and Project details Personnel ➔ selecting Guest from the Type dropdown.

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