Using templates is a quick and easy way to standardize your most frequent inspections to make sure your organization is always in sync. Safesite provides templates for both Inspections & Meetings.

Inspection Template Overview

Below is a diagram providing a high level overview of Inspection Templates page.

  1. Template library tabs: Select between the Safesite Library or your organization's specific templates under MY ORG.

  2. Search: Use the Search function to easily find templates by searching via the template's title, description, or category.

  3. Template List: The template list contains a list of available templates. These templates can be sorted by tags related to their specific industry.

  4. Languages: Choose between the default setting of all languages or alternate between templates you have available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

  5. Create a new template: Create your own custom template. See this article about Creating & Editing Inspection Templates for more details.

NOTE: When in the Safesite Library page, click the three dots "..." under Actions to Preview or Copy & Edit a Safesite Library template into the My Org library.

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