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Inspection Template Management

Learn more about using Safesite Inspection Templates

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Using inspection templates is a quick and easy way to standardize your most frequent inspections such as equipment inspections, vehicle inspections, and more for usage on the Safesite mobile app to ensure your organization is always in sync.

Safesite allows Project and Org Admin to create, edit, and update your Organization's library of Inspection templates. Safesite provides templates for both Inspections & Meetings.

Watch this video to learn more about Inspection Template Management:

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Inspection Template Overview

Below is a diagram providing a high-level overview of the Inspection Templates page.

  1. Template library tabs: Select between the Safesite Library or your organization's specific templates under MY ORG.

  2. Search: Use the Search function to easily find templates by searching via the template's title, description, or category.

  3. Template List: The template list contains a list of available templates. These templates can be sorted by tags related to their specific industry.

  4. Languages: Choose between the default setting of all languages or alternate between templates you have available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

  5. Create a new template: Create your own custom template.

NOTE: When in the Safesite Library page, click the three dots "..." under Actions to Preview or Copy & Edit a Safesite Library template into the My Org library.

How to Create Inspection Templates

2. Click the Inspections tab and select Templates.

You'll be redirected to the Inspection Templates page.


4. Fill in a name for your template, and click CREATE TEMPLATE.

You'll be redirected to the template editor page where you'll fill out the details of the template.

5. Fill in a description of your template, add a jurisdiction, industry, and language which are all optional fields. Click UPDATE to save changes.

Note: you can select multiple industries.

6. Click on ADD SECTION, add SECTION TITLE, and click CREATE. Sections provide segmenting for various topics and can have multiple questions.

Note: You must create at least one section in order to add questions.

7. After adding the Section, click ADD QUESTION to add more items to the section.

8. Fill in your question details, including any of the following ANSWER TYPES:

  • ✔ / ⨉ / NA

  • Safe / Unsafe / NA

  • Pass / Fail / NA

  • Yes / No / NA

  • Text answer

9. You can also add ADDITIONAL ACTIONS (optional) based upon negative answer types:

  • Actions optional - Additional actions are optional

  • If Negative - Requires Observation

  • If Negative - Requires Hazard

  • If Negative - Requires Photo

  • If Negative - Requires Comment

10. Add LINK TEXT (optional) and or LINK URL (optional) you can add laws, regulations or standards.

Your question will be added to the existing section. Use the pencil icon to edit a given field.

11. You can also click on the double ⬜ icon to COPY the question.

Now you can continue to add questions or create new sections. You can also REORDER existing questions by clicking on the reorder line button on the upper left-hand side screen.

12. When finished entering questions for your Inspection Template, it will be automatically saved and you can click Back to Library to view the list of your organization’s templates.

All of your created templates will go into the MY ORG section of the Inspection Templates page. These templates can be copied, edited, previewed, or archived by selecting the "⋯" icon under ACTIONS.

Note: To restore inspection templates that have been archived, please reach out to [email protected] and provide the title of the archived template.

Inspection templates are only accessible to personnel within your organization and can be viewed via the Safesite Mobile App when conducting inspections on projects in your Organization.

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