Creating Projects on the Safesite Desktop

Org admin can create a new project from any screen on the Safesite Desktop

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Before Mobile Users can start entering Safety Actions for their Organization through the Safesite Mobile App, an Org Admin must create a Project, invite Personnel, and add them to a campaign.

Projects allow you to segment and review the reporting and analytics for actions Mobile Users complete on the Safesite Mobile app.

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Commonly Used Project Setups:

Single Project for Safety Program

Organizations that are looking to utilize the Safesite Score can set up one project with a campaign. Setting up one project will cut down on the administrative work as all the safety actions would be tracked and reported under this one safety project versus multiple projects. In terms of reporting, the project locations will be helpful in organizing the job sites your personnel performs work. As the Safety Actions are completed you can continuously monitor safety by reviewing Safety Action Reports.

Note: Foresight-insured clients will generally have one project set up for their organization during onboarding.

Site Location or Job Projects

Organizations that contract long-term jobs which run for months or years can set up Projects based on the Site Location or the Job’s Name. Each time a job has started a project should be created on the Safesite Desktop portal and personnel, teams, and safety campaigns should be added.

Note: Examples of naming conventions can be based on the site location for long-term projects or affixed departments such as “Company Warehouse” or “Job Site 525”. Personnel working at the site and using the Safesite app to conduct Safety Actions can be added to that specific project.

Individual Mobile User Projects

Organizations that contract short-term jobs that run for days or weeks can set up project(s) under individual people. This will allow for Mobile Users to complete Safety Actions while adding locations as they need, without having Organization Administrators create project(s) on the Safesite Desktop for each new location or job. This option requires less maintenance on the side of Org Admins.

Note: For short-term or rapid work orders, you can name a project after Supervisors or Personnel who will apply safety actions directly to the project. The project created would be titled “John Smith”. John should be the only person entering actions under the project and the only one assigned to complete Safety Campaigns under the project. Locations could then be added by John as he goes from site to site.

How to Create Projects on the Safesite Desktop

1. Start by logging in to the Safesite Desktop at

2. Ensure you have selected the correct organization to create your project(s) under.


3. Click the Create Project button at the top-left of the screen or the Create New Project at the bottom of the Projects dropdown list.

4. You will be brought to the Create New Project screen.

Here you will be asked to enter information about your new project, including a Project Name, Start Date, End Date, Time Zone, an option to add it to an existing Group, and an optional location Address.

Click CREATE PROJECT at the bottom of the screen.

Note: You can edit these details on the Project Settings page after the Project has been created.

4. Add Personnel

Now it's time to add personnel to your new project. If adding a member already on your Organization, you can type their name into the search field and select them. If adding a new user who is not part of your Org, enter their email and hit Invite.

You can also select their project-level personnel type (Admin, Member, or Guest) and optionally add them to an existing or new team.

  • Admin: Project Admin will have access to manage the project on the Safesite Desktop. They also have access to the Safesite Mobile App to enter Safety Actions. Project admins will receive email notifications regarding status changes that happen in the project.

  • Member: Members will only have access to the project on the Safesite Mobile App to enter Safety Actions. They will not see reporting on the Safesite Desktop for the project and will see this message if they try logging into the Safesite Desktop.

  • Guest: Guests will only have access to the project on the Safesite Mobile App to enter Safety Actions, but they will not be able to view the Safesite Desktop. This personnel type is used for subcontractors or trades that are not a part of the organization. The Safety Actions completed by Guests will not be factored into the Safesite Score.

Create Teams

Teams are used heavily in the hazard resolution notification process, it is recommended to create team(s) to correctly use the hazard module.

Using teams is also a great way to segment personnel, subcontractors, and trades on your projects. They can also be assigned to observations or to equipment for filtering and reporting purposes.

Note: Adding personnel and adding teams at this step is optional. You can click SKIP FOR NOW, add personnel later, and make changes on the Project Personnel and Teams pages.

5. Create Safety Campaigns

You will be directed to assign Safety Campaigns and Safety Actions to Personnel by selecting CREATE CAMPAIGN. You are also able to assign specific Inspection and Meeting Templates at this point.

Note: Creating campaigns at this step is optional. You can click SKIP FOR NOW and assign Safety Campaigns later.

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