Admins have the option to add project locations on the Safesite desktop. This allows Mobile Users to have a predetermined list of locations to select from when

completing safety actions within the Safesite Mobile app.

Note: If locations are not added within the Safesite desktop, they can also be added by Mobile users in the Safesite app.

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In this article:

​​✓ Add Locations to a Project

​​✓ Archive & Unarchive Locations on Project

Use the steps below to access the Project Location List:

  1. Log in to

  2. Select the Project you would like to manage locations for.

  3. Navigate to Project Details and select Locations.

Add Locations to a Project

On the Project Location List, select ADD NEW LOCATION to enter in the address, site number, or any other location naming convention you would like your mobile users to use when they’re creating safety actions.

Below is a view of how the location list appears on the Safesite Mobile App when mobile users record a safety action.

Mobile Users can Search or add a new location by default if it is not already listed.

Note: The project location list is updated each time mobile users add locations within the Safesite App unless the adding location on mobile feature is turned off for mobile users within the Organization Settings.

Archive & Unarchive Locations on Project

Select ARCHIVE to remove any location from the list. This also pulls it from the lists within Safesite mobile app.

Select SHOW ARCHIVED and click on Unarchive to restore any location back to the list.

Note: When looking through the Safety Action Reports and Analysis pages, locations can assist in data analysis and can be filtered.

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