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Edit your project's settings like start/end dates, status, and more

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The Project Settings page allows Project Admins to manage project details such as project name, start date, end date, timezone, adding to groups, address, and status.

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Navigate to the Project Settings page:

  1. Click the Project Details and select Settings.

You'll be redirected to the Project Settings page where you can edit your project's details like project name, timezone, address, and more.

Project Settings

  • Project Name: The title or name of your project.

  • Start date: The start date of your project. A project will not appear in the mobile app nor will the Safesite score start running until the start date is reached. Setting start dates in the future is helpful if you want to set up a project in advance before it's begun and not let it appear in the mobile app yet for your entire team.

  • End date: The end date of your project. Once a project reaches its end date, the project will no longer appear within the mobile app, the project status will be set to 'completed', and the Safesite score will stop running.

  • Timezone: The timezone of your project. All data logged and reports created will be within the project timezone.

  • Add to Group: Quickly add a project to an existing reporting group or multiple groups within your organization.

  • Address: The address of your project, this field is optional and does not appear within the mobile app.

Pausing and Archiving Projects

Pausing a project will hide the project from the mobile app and the Safesite Score will also freeze so you and your team are not negatively impacted during the period in which the project is paused.

Archiving a project will pull the project from the mobile app and stop the Safesite Score from calculating. While deleting projects is not possible, archiving projects is the option that should be used instead.

Organization admins are able to restore archived projects from the Organization tab if the safety action reports need to be revisited or the project still needs to be used.

Project Statuses

After navigating to the Project Settings screen, you'll notice a small label next to the header that tells you the status of the project.

  • Active: This is the regular state of a project that is in progress. An active project means that the project will appear on the mobile app for your personnel and continue to run the Safesite score.

  • Paused: Project has been manually paused by an admin and no longer is shown on the mobile app, nor will the Safesite Score run until it is unpaused.

  • Not Started: A project has this status when the start date was set in the future. The project will not appear in the mobile app, nor will the Safesite Score run until the start date is reached.

  • Inactive: A project becomes inactive automatically if the project experiences no safety actions logged for 40 consecutive days. Inactive projects will continue to appear in the mobile app and will automatically be reset to active status after at least 1 safety action is logged. Inactive projects continue to impact the Safesite Score, even if there are no assigned actions via a campaign.

  • Completed: A project has this status when the end date has been reached. After the end date is reached, the project will not appear in the mobile app, nor will the Safesite Score continue running, now that the end date is reached.

Once changes are made you must click on Update to apply changes.

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