Safesite allows you to create, manage, and update your library templates for  inspections and meetings.  Whether you are using our current Safesite library or creating your own templates follow these steps. 

  1. Log on to  Safesite HQ via your desktop, select the project you would like to access buy using the dropdown menu.

    2. Click the Inspections tab and click on Templates, follow the same steps to   access Meeting Templates on a project.

   3. The template menu option will open, from here you can access the following:

  • Safesite Library which are templates preloaded in the system for you via Safesite
  • My Org which consists of templates created by users in your Organization 
  • Upload your Own to send us a template for loading
  • There is also an option to create a new template by selecting the blue "Create Template" button.

Please note this display is for Inspection Templates click on Templates under Meetings for Meeting templates.


   1.  Select CREATE TEMPLATE to create a new template, enter a title and select                 CREATE INSPECTION (or CREATE MEETING if in the MEETING tab).

   2. Enter details and questions, then select SAVE CHANGES to complete the new              template.  Upon clicking SAVE CHANGES, this newly created template will appear  within MY ORG.

Please note that all templates you manually create will appear within MY ORG.



    1.  Select the  DUPLICATE AND EDIT button on any existing template, edit the                  template, rename accordingly,  and select SAVE CHANGES.  Please note that this         will add the template to MY ORG.

All templates within the Safesite Library are, by default, accessible to any and all users. However, MY ORG templates are only accessible to personnel within your organization and can be viewed via the Safesite Mobile App. 

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