Conducting regular inspections is imperative to any organization. Safesite enables you to easily keeping track of information in real time via the Safesite Mobile App

Use the steps below to conduct an inspection.

  1. Open the Safesite app on your mobile device, if you have action cards displayed select the "Conduct Inspection" tile or select the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

The screen will redirect to the the New Safety Action screen. 

2. Select Conduct Inspection.

3. Select the appropriate Project, or create a new one if needed. 

Note: This window only displays if you have multiple Projects in your organization.

Once selected, you will be brought to the New Inspection page.

4. Select a location for the inspection. You can choose a location from the popup list, use the search bar at the top to narrow down the results, or create a new location entirely.

5. Select an Inspection Template. A popup list will display a list of inspection templates. Choose the appropriate template from the list, or use the search bar to narrow down your options. 

6. Complete the template questions. Once you select a template, the page will be populated with questions. These questions will usually be framed as criteria checks for the inspection's subject, and can be answered with a simple "Yes/No", or "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory".

To answer a question, select the checkmark button for "Yes" or "Satisfactory", the X button for "No" or "Unsatisfactory" and add a HAZARD (see adding a HAZARD article), or the N/A button if the question is not applicable for the current inspection.

You may also use the Add Observation (see adding an OBSERVATION article) button to add an observation pertaining to the question, including photographs and involved teams.

7. Tap Save Inspection at the bottom of the screen to save the inspection and add it to the system once all the questions have been completed.

For more information on "conducting an inspection" click here to watch our video tutorial.  

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