The Organization Settings page allows you to manage your organization details such as organization name. It's also where you'll set default hazards management, location creation, and score factors.

Use the steps below to access the Organization Settings page.

  1. Log in to

  2. Click the Organization tab and select Settings.

You'll be redirected to the Organization Settings page where you can adjust your organization details, hazards, and now Score Management.

Organization Details: Adjust your organization's name.

  • Hazard Management: Determines who can resolve and archive hazards for projects in your organization.

  • Who can create locations:  If you would like mobile app users to have the ability to create one.

  • Score Management:  Customize what actions are factored into your Safesite Score.  For example, turn off Equipment if you do not use this option and do not want the Score to factor it when calculating the score. 

Once changes are made you must click on "Update" to apply changes.  For more related information, see these related articles:

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