The injury report feature of the Safesite app allows your users to keep track of any incident that may occur while directly on the job site. 

Use the steps below to create an injury report via the Safesite Mobile App.

  1. Open the Safesite app on your mobile device and select the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

The screen will redirect to the the New Safety Action screen. 

2. Select Log Incident.

3. Select the project where the incident occurred. Once selected, the app will redirect to the Incident Report Details screen.

4. Select the Incident Type(s) note you can select more than one type to create a report.

5. Select an Incident Location, Date, and Time. Once completed the incident report will be saved as a draft

6. Complete the required fields and select Log Incident, Save as Draft or Archive Incident.  Remembering adding in as much information initially to your report is a best practice however admins are able to access and complete the report with additional details/documentation. 

Note: Once the fields type, location, date, and time are completed the incident report will be saved as a draft and the save as draft  or log incident buttons appear.

  • Selecting Save as Draft saves the incident report as a draft, meaning the report will be on the incomplete actions list on the actions screen. 

  • Selecting Log Incident logs the incident as an open report. An open report means the report will no longer be shown on the mobile app for the user, the report will be created and sent to the web admin dashboard for review and completion of the report. 

If you are an admin and would like to learn more about managing incident reports, click here for an article or click here for a video tutorial.

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