Project Dashboard

As the first thing you see when logging into Safesite, the Project Dashboard provides an overview of your project's status.

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The Project Dashboard provides a summary of how an individual project is stacking up based on Safety Actions completed and closed out through the Safesite Mobile app.

Watch this video to learn more about the Project Dashboard:

This article will go over the major features of the Project Dashboard:

Date Range

Click the dropdown menu to select a date range for the dashboard. Once a date range has been selected, the dashboard will automatically update.

Safesite Score

The Safesite Score is a grading system that helps you quantify your personnel's safety performance and engagement within the Safesite App.

The score is presented from A to D and is generated for projects via the Project Dashboard.

Administrators are also able to compare the information of several projects alongside each other by creating Groups and viewing them via the Group Dashboard.

Here are some ways to improve the Safesite Score:

  • Use all safety modules within the platform

  • Reduce hazard close-out times

  • Create and resolve root-cause hazards for every Incident Report

  • Maximize the amount of personnel using the app within your projects

  • Assign Actions to all personnel on a project

Incident Summary

The Incident Type Summary window displays the total count of various incident types for your project.

The orange numbers next to Injuries, Near Misses, Equipment Failure, Property Damage, and Theft are the current number of incidents logged for each, respectively.

The gray numbers below show the % change of the current period selected (i.e last week/2 weeks/3 weeks or above) compared to the previous period.

For example, if you select 'last week', the grey numbers will compare the last 7 days with the 7 days before that.

Click the View Incident Reports link to navigate to the Incident Reports module and view the reports in more detail.

Actions Summary

The Actions Summary window shows how well your personnel are completing their weekly Safety Actions which are assigned through Campaigns. Safety Actions are broken down into four types: inspections, meetings, observations, and hazards.

The orange percent number displayed represents how well the assigned Safety Actions were met by all the Members and Project Admin on the project. If 'N/A' is shown, it means no Actions have been set for that specific safety action.

To view details on each Safety Action type, including performance for individuals, click the View More links beneath each category.

Open Hazards & Incidents List

Safesite - Safety Management Software 2022-03-09 at 4.34.28 PM

The Open Hazards & Incidents List window displays all open hazards and incidents for the project. You can access any listed hazard or incident by clicking the link next to the listed safety action. The quicker these actions can be closed, the more your overall Safesite Score will improve.

Note: Incidents need to be managed on the Safesite Desktop by an admin after they are logged within the Safesite Mobile app to fully close out the report.


The Leaderboard window lists the top-performing users on your project, in terms of how well they are meeting their Safety Actions assigned within Campaigns. They are ranked based on the percentage of Actions met, rather than the raw number of safety actions completed. You can sort the leaderboard by clicking any of the arrows next to the columns TOTAL, INSP, MTG, OBS, HZDS.

If a dash '-' is shown, it means no Campaign has been set up with that specific Safety Action on that project. If you would like to assign or edit Safety Actions within a Campaign, select the MANAGE button.

It is recommended to use this info to encourage your personnel to maximize their safety performance!

Group Dashboard

When a group is selected, rather than an individual project, the Project Dashboard is replaced with the Group Dashboard. The displayed information summarizes all the projects in the selected group, but otherwise functions in much the same way. The Safesite Score and Open List windows are not included in this dashboard, however.

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