Incident Reports allow you to view the details of an incident and edit them as necessary.

Incident reports can be any of the following types:

  • Injury

  • Near Miss

  • Property Damage

  • Theft

  • Equipment Failure

  1. Log in to 

  2. Select the appropriate project from the drop-down menu.

3. Click the Incidents tab and select Reports.

The page will redirect to the Generate Incident Reports page which contains a list of reported incidents that can be filtered, or exported.

IMPORTANT: Normally, Field Users create incident reports, while admins update, edit and close reports. However, if you wish to create a new report yourself, click the Create Incident Report button at the top-right of the screen.

4. Click the Manage button on the appropriate incident.

The page will redirect to the Incident Report page where you can view, edit, and add details to the report.

5. Fill in the incident report, such as incident type, location, time of the incident, person(s) involved and any other required fields. You can adjust the Incident Type to include multiple incidents, allowing you to select any that apply to the report. Each incident type will require different information and will have additional required fields needed to complete the report.

IMPORTANT: Sections that have an asterisk (*) and an INCOMPLETE label next to their name are mandatory to complete in order to finish the report. These sections will be marked as complete or incomplete on the right-hand side of the list.

6. When you've collected all the information and are ready to move on click the Close Report button on the lower right hand side. If the re port is already closed and you're just making an update, click the Update Report button. If necessary and at any point, you can go back into the report after it's closed to add additional details.

To learn more about managing incident reports, check our video tutorial.

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