Collaborating on Safety Actions with Personnel

Mobile users can edit the “Conducted by” field when others assist in conducting Safety Actions

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Mobile users are able to add additional personnel as co-creators when completing any safety action. In addition, the Safety Action creators have an option to add their signature to stay in compliance.

When looking at Safety action reports, the “Conducted by” or "Recorded by" sections will show the names of people who assisted with the safety action.

Organization Administrators can enable the Safety Item Co-creators feature for the entire organization by turning it on in the Organization settings.

Watch this video to learn how to activate the co-creator feature:

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Editing the “Conducted by” field on Safety Actions

In the Mobile app, each Safety Action will now have the option to edit the ‘Conducted by’ field. For example, if there are two people assisting in the completion of an inspection, they can both be listed as the personnel who conducted the inspection so it counts for both of them.

This feature also allows you to swap out the original logged-in user (which is populated by default) with a different person altogether if persons were sharing the same device but needed to do individual safety actions.

  1. When recording a safety action, in the Conducted by section, tap the Add Person button to add the personnel who is conducting the action.

  2. In the search bar, enter the name of a person who is already on the project whom you’d like to add. You can also select Add New to enter someone who may not be on the project yet. When adding a new person, you will have an option to add the name and/or email address of the person assisting with the Safety action.

    It’s important to note, by default, if you add a new person here they will be added as a ‘member’ of the project and organization. If you want to edit permissions from a member to a guest or admin, an org or project admin must log in to do so.

Adding Signatures

Mobile users will have the option to add a signature to each safety action creator which will appear at the end of the safety action PDF report. This is great for compliance purposes, especially if you add a person as a ‘creator’ who may not have their own Safesite account.

  1. Select the icon next to the name to apply a signature to each creator.

  2. Sign above the dotted line and select Done.

  3. The signature will then appear at the bottom of the Safety Action PDF report upon exporting it.

View of the signature(s) at the bottom of the Safety Action PDF report:

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