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FAQs about using our mobile app while offline

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The Safesite mobile app allows you to continue performing safety actions when you're in areas of poor connectivity or completely offline. In this article, we explain what to expect when using the app offline along with highlighting a couple of features that will not work while offline.

Login or Sign Up: Syncing for offline usage

When you first log in or sign up you'll notice the screen below will appear for a few seconds in order to sync your data. This is completely normal and will allow you to continue using the app if you happen to lose the internet connection.

Using the App offline

Since all your data is synced for offline usage, the entirety of the Safesite app will work when you have no internet connection. Below, we’ve highlighted a couple of features that will not work while you’re offline along with other important notes.

What to expect while offline

  • While offline the user will see a red alert on top informing them they are offline:

Features that do not work offline

  • Sign up and Log in both require internet connection. However, after Sign up and Log in sync is complete, the app will then work without an internet connection.

  • Verifying your email will not work offline

  • Exporting PDF reports via the Safety HQ screen will also not work

  • Some images may not appear while offline

  • Inviting Personnel to project(s) during does work while the offline mode is available, however, the actual invite email will not be sent until you go back online

  • Using Safesite's Library of meeting and inspection templates which have not been downloaded to the My Org Library

What to expect when going back online after being offline

  • Any changes made while you were offline will not appear on the admin dashboard, and other mobile devices on the same project until you’re back online.

  • Keep in mind that Syncing might take longer depending on your internet connection.

  • Upon regaining an internet connection, you should see the offline banner change to a Syncing banner and eventually a Sync Complete banner

    Important note: If you sign out of the Safesite Mobile app before your completed Safety Actions have synced with the cloud, any data entered will be lost, and unfortunately, we will not be able to restore the data. We recommend that you wait at least 2-3 minutes for the sync to complete before navigating away from the Safesite Mobile App to ensure that the sync was successful.

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