Access to the Safesite Desktop is only for Admins

The Safesite Desktop is restricted for non-admin personnel on a project

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At Safesite we take your safety and security seriously, so we've added restrictions to our Safesite Desktop portal.

If you are a Mobile User who is not a Project Admin or an Organization Admin (see more about Permissions here) then you will not have access to the Safesite Desktop for projects you are not given permissions for.

Mobile users will see the following when selecting projects they do not have Admin access to within their company’s organization.

Mobile users should enter safety actions directly into the Safesite Mobile app or at if on a desktop or laptop.

Additional Organizations

When users log into the Safesite Desktop, additional organizations may be visible upon clicking on the dropdown next to a user’s name. Please note that additional organizations are not linked to the main company’s organization. Different permissions can be given to a user across different organizations, so it is important to double-check which organization is being used upon logging in.

The Safety Actions logged to separate organizations will not be visible to administrators from your company’s organization. The My Org Inspection and Meeting templates are also not accessible across different organizations.

See the example below:

“Crystal’s Org” is a separate Organization from the “Company’s Organization".

To confirm you are using the correct project within the Safesite Mobile app, you are able to view which organization a project belongs to by selecting the Project tab at the bottom of the screen and selecting the correct one to log actions for.

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