When a new hazard is assigned to a responsible team, the team will be notified either by email or within the Safesite app. The following table breaks down how the personnel who created the hazard and the responsible team are notified about the hazard:

Regardless of risk level, any unresolved hazards that have been assigned to you and your team will appear as action cards when you open the Safesite app. Simply touch the appropriate hazard to view its details.

The next screen displays the details of the hazard, including location, risk type and probability, description, images/photos, and recommended action(s). When the hazard has been resolved on site, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Comments dialog. Using the provided text box, type in a comment about how the hazard was resolved. Touch the Add Comment button to record your comment.

Once your comment is recorded at the bottom of the page press the green Resolve button to resolve and close the hazard.

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