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Why are safety action cards not appearing on the Safesite Mobile app?
Why are safety action cards not appearing on the Safesite Mobile app?
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Have you been told you have assigned actions, but you don’t see the action cards?

Below are a couple of situations that may cause action cards to not appear on the Safesite Mobile app:

Mobile Users need to refresh their app

If a mobile user hasn't refreshed their mobile app after an admin assigns Action Cards through Campaigns, the action cards may not appear. The mobile user can refresh the app to ensure the Action cards are up to date and make sure any changes are reflected.

Here are the steps to refresh the Safesite mobile app:

  1. Open the Safesite mobile app with an internet connection

  2. Click the Safesite Logo to open the right menu

  3. Select Refresh

Mobile Users were added to an Active Campaign

Be aware that if a mobile user was added to an active safety campaign with a weekly frequency, action cards will not appear immediately. The action cards will appear the following Monday. If mobile users were added to a campaign with a daily frequency, they will see the action cards on the next assigned weekday. Learn More

Incorrect Email Address

If a mobile user's email was entered incorrectly, when being invited to an organization or logging in for the first time, safety action cards will not appear for the mobile user. If you suspect this is the reason, verify the email the mobile user is logging in with and the email the campaign was assigned to are the same.

  • Project or Org Admins can check to make sure the email is correct on the project or organization personnel lists within the Safesite Desktop portal. If the email was entered incorrectly on the Safesite Desktop while the person was being invited initially, the Admin should remove the individual from the organization personnel list, re-invite the personnel using the correct email address, and add them to the campaign. For assistance, please reach out to Safesite’s support team at [email protected] or through the Safesite Desktop or Mobile App Live Chat.

  • Mobile users can also confirm they are logging in with the correct email by selecting the Safesite logo and selecting their name from the right menu. If the email is incorrect on the profile, the mobile user should log out of the account and log back in with the correct email.

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