Project and Organization administrators are able to pause campaigns to remove the action cards from the Safesite app of the personnel assigned to those campaigns.

How to pause a campaign:

1. Log into the Safesite desktop app (

2. Select the project from the dropdown and select Campaigns from the left menu.

3. Select the button (⋮) under ACTIONS next to the campaign you want to pause.

4. Select ⏸ Pause, confirmation that you want to pause will appear, press CONFIRM.

5. The campaign will now be paused, and any actions that are assigned for the current week or day will still appear. Actions for the following week or day will be removed from the Safesite mobile app for the personnel assigned to that campaign.

6. When you want to restore the campaign, select the options button (⋮) under ACTIONS, next to the campaign you would like to restore. Press Restore, confirmation that you want to restore the campaign will appear, press CONFIRM. Action cards for this campaign will appear the following weekday for daily frequency or the following week if the campaign has a weekly frequency.

Note: The Safesite Score will still run for the project if a campaign is paused. This means mobile users should still complete consistent safety actions and close out incomplete actions so the project’s Safesite Score does not decay.

In order to pause the Safesite Score on any project, the project should be paused. This will remove the project from the Safesite mobile app and pause the Safesite Score until it is unpaused. Click here to learn about pausing projects

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