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Understanding your Organization’s Safesite Score as a Foresight Policyholder
Understanding your Organization’s Safesite Score as a Foresight Policyholder
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If you are a Foresight Insurance policyholder, then adoption and engagement of the Safesite platform is mandatory.

For all policyholders, the Organization’s Safesite Score is a letter grade that shows your entire organization’s safety engagement and performance with the Safesite platform. The Monthly Score is presented from A to D and quantified monthly, along with a Policy Year Average Score. Foresight takes the policy year average Safesite Score into account when applying discounts on premiums at policy renewal.

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Organization Score Page Overview

1. Log on to via your desktop, click the Organization tab then click on Score.

Note: This feature is only available to Foresight-insured Org Admins.

2. The Organization Safesite Score page will open.

What do the letters represent?


Exceeding Safety Success Plan expectations

Best practice safety within industry

High confidence of claim rate and x-mod reduction


Meeting Safety Success Plan expectations

High safety performer within industry

Strong confidence of claim rate and x-mod reduction


Close to meeting Safety Success Plan expectations

Average safety performer within industry

Low impact on claim rate and x-mod


Not meeting Safety Success Plan expectations

Low safety performer within industry

Claim rate and x-mod likely to increase

NE (Not Engaged)

Policyholder has failed to engage with the Safesite technology and has not registered a Safesite Score

NA (Not Applicable)

No score was generated for this month. There were no active projects for the organization in this month

When does my score start calculating?

The Safesite Score doesn’t start calculating straight away, the Safety Success team likes to ensure there is enough time to build your Safety Success Plan, onboard your company team and documents, and then train your team on the use of the Safesite app and desktop portal.

Your Safesite Score begins calculating on the 1st day of the second month after your policy effective date, or approximately 40 days after your Foresight policy is bound.

For example:

Policy Effective Date:

January 15th, 2021

Score Calculation Start Date:

March 1st, 2021

First Monthly Score Report:

April 1st, 2021

What are the factors of the Score?

Your score is based on initial safety engagement targets set in the Safety Success Plan by you and your Success Manager. The Safety Success Plan will define the type and number of safety actions that need to be completed.

Consistent Engagement

Make sure all of your personnel on Safesite are consistently completing safety actions based on their Safety Success Plan. Set accountability by creating and assigning Safety Campaigns with Safety Actions that are set to repeat weekly. The Safety Success and Onboarding teams will assist with setting up campaigns.

Reach your Target Engagement Expectation

Your Organization has a Target Engagement Expectation based on your Safety Success Plans. This means there’s a specific quantity of personnel who are required to engage with Safesite monthly for you to maximize your Safesite Score. Reaching your target engagement level will significantly help your chances of achieving an A.

Do not allow for Decay or Inactivity

Consistent engagement is key to maintaining a good score. Days and weeks with little to no activity will negatively impact your score. Make sure any active project has personnel completing actions.

Resolve Incomplete Safety Actions

Make sure personnel complete all safety actions are started. Resolving hazards and making sure safety actions are completed in a timely fashion can help you build a strong score. Leaving actions open for too long can negatively impact your score.

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