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Product Updates: January 2022
Product Updates: January 2022

Notes on everything released in the month of January

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New: Daily Campaigns! 🎉

We've released a new update for Campaigns that allows admins to set daily campaigns! This feature is great for safety plans in which personnel need to complete different toolbox talks (meeting templates) or inspections for a specific day of the week.

When scheduling a campaign, Click Frequency - Daily and then Click + ADD DAY within the Safety Actions section to schedule safety actions for each day of the week.

If an ongoing campaign is scheduled without an end date, the campaign will automatically restart with Day 1 and cycle through each day's actions as the weeks go on. Click here to read more.

Enhancements to the 'View' component on all Reports tables

Available for all admin web users

We've made some enhancements to the View component on the Admin dashboard to mainly account for the new co-creator feature we are beta testing (read more). If you navigate to a Reports page and then click View for a specific action, you'll notice the following changes:

  • We now show the personnel who conducted the Inspection or Meeting

  • If a signature was added (via the co-creator feature being turned on) then it will appear as shown in the screenshot below

  • When multiple users conducted the same action, we will also show them

  • We've fixed some minor errors in which we weren't showing the 'Risk probability' for Hazards along with incorrectly showing Equipment's Inspection frequency number without it's days or weeks

Incidents - Analysis page enhancements

Available for all admin web users

If you've logged an incident recently you may notice we added a new chart. As shown below, this new chart shows the Risk Type of the incident logged if you completed a Root Cause Analysis on the incident report such as adding Root Cause, Risk Type, or Activity being performed.

Inspections & Meetings - Analysis page enhancements

Available for all admin web users

We've made an additional enhancement to the Analysis charts for both Inspections and Meetings. As shown below, this new charts show the Risk Type of each Inspection or Meeting responses and answers. This means if your admin (or Safesite Onboarding team) attached a certain risk exposure or risk type to a question/topic and this question is answered, we'll show the risk types here.

2021 Year in Review 🏅 🎉

Safety became more important in 2021 than ever, and our community was very busy creating safety actions:

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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