The OSHA 300 Log is used to track recordable injuries and illnesses based on the calendar (not fiscal) year for every project. To read more about OSHA's specific record keeping rules and regulations click here.

Viewing the OSHA 300 Log

1. Click the Incidents tab on the menu, and select OSHA 300 Log.

The OSHA 300 Log displays a list of any injury that was logged on this project. By default, the list will show the current year (2019) since OSHA 300 Log's are meant to be tracked on a yearly basis.

Note: only incidents with type injury will appear on the list since OSHA only requires recordable injuries to be added to the OSHA Log. To read more about how OSHA defines "recordable injury"  click here

Adding Injuries to OSHA 300 Log

  1. Click the added to injury log toggle to add the injury to the log.

Note: By default the Added to Injury Log toggle will be turned off

Exporting the OSHA 300 Log as .xls file

1. Click  Download OSHA Log. You'll  see an .xls file download after clicking the Download Osha Log button.

Note: OSHA Log export can hold up to 100 injuries. 

Viewing/Printing the OSHA 300 Log

After the OSHA Log successfully downloads, click the .xls to open and view the OSHA Log. 

  • The log will display all pertinent information from each individual injury report that was added to the log. 

  • If you have more than 10 employees and operate in the US, OSHA requires you to have this OSHA Log printed and posted on your job site for all employees to see, as you can read about here

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