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Product Updates: March 2024
Product Updates: March 2024
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Available for Organization Admin

Managing your Safesite organization is now more seamless than ever, thanks to our latest updates. Safesite is excited to introduce new features that give you the power to manage your organization with precision and track user activity.

Ability to Remove Meeting Attendees and Co-Creators 🎉

Safety action co-creators and meeting attendees that were solely added on the Safesite Mobile app as Guests, without being given access to Safesite as a member or admin, can now be removed by an Organization Admin on the Organization Personnel page. Previously these users would appear in the mobile app and didn't show up in the Organization Personnel list on the Safesite Desktop. These users will now show on the Organization Personnel page with the user type "Guest". Learn more

Here's what you need to know about Guests:

  • Guests can be added as Co-Creators on Safety Items and on Meetings as attendees.

  • Guests invited from the Safesite Desktop at the project level can complete safety actions via the Safesite mobile app for the organization.

  • Guests cannot access the desktop portal.

Insightful User Activity Tracking 🎉

Staying informed about your team's engagement is crucial for effective safety management. With the new user activity tracking feature, organization admins can now view the last login time of users directly from the organization personnel page. This valuable insight allows you to ensure your team is actively participating in creating a safer work environment.

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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