How to Remove Meeting Attendees
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Previously, users added as Meeting Attendees via the Safesite Mobile app would appear in the mobile app but were not reflected in the Organization Personnel list on the Safesite Desktop.

These users will now be visible on the Organization Personnel page, categorized under the Guest user type. Organization admin can now remove any employees no longer at the company from the attendee list pop-up that appears when conducting a meeting.

Organization Admins can easily remove these users by following these steps:

1. Log in to Safesite Desktop

2. Navigate to the Organization tab on the left menu and select Personnel.

3. Identify Guests you would like to remove by searching for their name or filtering the Guest type.

4. Select the three-dot Actions icon next to their name and select Remove.

5. Safesite will prompt you to confirm the removal of the user. Select Confirm to remove the user from the Organization Personnel list and all projects in the Organization.

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