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How to Download the Safesite app using an APK file on an Android device
How to Download the Safesite app using an APK file on an Android device

Follow these directions to download the Safesite mobile app on Android devices outside of the US, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

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Starting July 1, 2022, Safesite customers outside the US (except for Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Australia) will not have access to the Android version of the Safesite app. Click here for more information

Follow these instructions in the event the Safesite mobile app needs to be downloaded or reinstalled on Android devices if located outside of the US:

1. Reach out to [email protected] or to the Safesite Desktop or Mobile App Live Chat to receive an APK file for the Safesite mobile app.

2. Download the APK file for Safesite’s app to your device.

Note: The user will need a copy of the APK file for each device that needs the Safesite app.

3. On your Android device, navigate to the Home screen by pressing the Home Button once.

Open any file management app

4. If no file management app has been installed, navigate to the Play Store, search for a file management app and install

5. Navigate to your Internal Storage

6. Open the Download folder

7. From the list of files in the Download folder, tap the Safesite Mobile app APK file that you want to install

8. The next screen will show the permissions the app needs. Review the permissions needed and approve the accessibility for the Safesite app on your device, then tap Install.

9. The phone will begin the installation process, once installed tap DONE or OPEN

10. Check the app drawer to confirm the successful installation of the Safesite mobile app on your device.

Please reach out to the Safesite support team at [email protected] or through the Safesite Desktop or Mobile App Live Chat if you need additional help.

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