Effective July 1, 2022 we will no longer host our app within app stores outside of the US, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. This is due to regulations on our end we must adhere to. This only impacts new users, if you and your personnel already have the app installed on your device, it will still be there and fully functional.

What does this mean for you?

  1. If you and your personnel have Safesite downloaded, you will see no change.

  2. New users, or if an existing user accidentally deletes the app, will no longer be able to get the app from the app store. So it is imperative for you and your team not to uninstall Safesite.

What do we recommend?

  1. If possible, get your entire team on Android! It is a lot easier for our support team to send new personnel the app via Android but impossible to do so via iOS (iPhone)

  2. Update using the "update app" button in settings. To learn more on how to update the Safesite app, click here. Do not update via the app store.

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