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Product Updates: August 2022
Product Updates: August 2022

Notes on everything released in the month of August

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New: Hyperlinks in Meetings 🎉

Available for all users

We've made a small but impactful enhancement to our Meeting Templates to support hyperlinks! As shown below, admins can now add hyperlinks to specific meeting topics that can link to videos, images, citations, and any other information. Take a look below:

Simplified the 'Add Person' popup 🎉

Available for all mobile users

When opening the 'Add Person' popup screen, we removed the unnecessary step of searching that was required to view existing personnel. This would often cause duplicate personnel to be added or the wrong person selected. In our latest version, 7.0.19, you'll notice when you hit 'Add Person' we now default to showing the entire org personnel list.

Safety HQ - Permission enhancements

Available for all mobile users

Another small but relevant change we've made is to clean up some of the access we were giving to non-admins via the Safety HQ pages on our mobile app. With this new change, only admins should be able to access all of a project's data via Safety HQ. Personnel who are non-admins will only see Safety Action reports that they created or that were assigned to their team.

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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