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Organization admins can store documents such as Safety Plans, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) PDFs, and more on the Safesite Desktop

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You can now upload and store all your relevant safety program documents within the Safesite Desktop under the Organization's Documents tab.

Use the steps below to upload and view documents for your organization

2. Click the Organization tab and select Documents.

3. You'll be redirected to the organization’s Documents page.

4. To upload documents or photos to the Document Library, select ADD DOCUMENT, click UPLOAD to select the document or photo, add an optional description, and click COMPLETE.

5. After documents are uploaded, you can select the ACTIONS icon ” to Edit, Download, or Delete documents.

Note: Only Org Admin users will have access to add, edit, download, and delete documents from the Documents tab. Click here to learn how to update the Org Admin personnel type

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