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Product Updates: October 2021
Product Updates: October 2021

Notes on everything released in the month of October

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Weekly Campaigns: Rotational Safety Actions! 🎉

Another major update for Campaigns has been released into the wild! This time it's what we're calling 'Rotational Safety Actions'. If you are scheduling Campaigns that repeat weekly, you can now schedule templates and safety actions that change week to week. This feature is great for safety plans in which personnel need to complete different toolbox talks (meeting templates) or inspections every week.

Click + ADD WEEK to schedule safety actions for upcoming weeks.

If an ongoing campaign is scheduled without an end date, the campaign will automatically restart with Week 1 and cycle through each week’s actions as the weeks go on. Click here to read more about examples for this, such as assigning different toolbox talk topics for a given week.

New: Allow more than 1 Personnel to create an action

Currently beta testing

We're currently beta testing an exciting new feature called Co-Creator! Mobile users will now be able to do an any action with other personnel and have it count for all personnel added. What's nice is that the personnel added as co-creator is not required to have a verified Safesite account. Just enter a name and you're all set, with email being optional. We've also added signature for you to stay compliant with your current process.

This is a great way to get personnel more engaged with safety even if they don't have an email or mobile device. If you're interested in testing this out please email us.

Performance enhancements

Available for all mobile users (version 7.0+)

We completed a number of changes under the hood to improve offline syncing and overall performance of our platform. The changes include:

  • We're no longer downloading all Safesite library templates to each user's device for offline use. We'll still show them all but will only download for offline if you've selected it before. This will significantly shrink each user's offline memory use, resulting in improved performance.

  • Uploading photo improvements! We've increased the amount you can attach and if the app ever crashes, we will bring you back to the action with all previous data shown.

Released mobile app version 6.2.3!

Available for all mobile users

Nothing major in this update, just lots of minor enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Improvements when uploading a lot of photos to an action. Previously, some users were experiencing the app crashing and losing all the data on the action. With this change, we've increased the amount you can attach and i the app crashed, we will bring you back to the action with all previous data still shown.

  • Small enhancements to Reset Password, users on iOS 12.4.1 were experiencing some issues what are now fixed.

  • Minor performance enhancements

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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