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Product Updates: September 2021
Product Updates: September 2021

Notes on everything released in the month of September

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Safety Campaigns is now live! 🎉

Available for all web users

This is a big one -- Safety Campaigns is now live! Safety Campaign is a major improvement to our existing Weekly Safety Actions. Campaigns allows you to assign specific Meeting & Inspection templates to your personnel, along with scheduling in advance on a one-off or weekly recurring basis. You can read more via this Safety Campaigns article.

Wondering about your previous Weekly Actions? Don't worry we've migrated all of your previous Weekly Actions into Campaigns. This means:

  • Each of these campaigns we've generated for you include the exact same amount of weekly actions. Your field personnel will see the same actions as they normally do on their mobile app

  • Since Weekly Actions were already generated for this week (i.e your mobile users already see their actions), we've set these newly migrated Campaigns to start next Monday October 4th, that's why you'll see scheduled for each campaigns' status

Minor Reports' Table enhancements

Available for all web users

We made a few minor enhancements to the following tables

  • Project Dashboard 'Open Hazards & Incidents table

    • Fixed the 'Status' to correctly show 'Open' if Hazard is Unresolved, previously it only showed 'Draft'

  • Hazard Reports Table

    • Changed 'Risk Probability' and 'Risk Consequence' columns to show full text instead of just a number

    • Added 'Activity being performed' column and ability to filter by it

  • Equipment Reports Table

    • Added 'Model' column and ability to filter by it

Updated '' and ''

Available for all web users

We've released the latest version of our Safesite App to the mobile web address links of and This release brings the web version of the mobile app to parity with the app that is currently live in the Android and iOS app stores. This update includes all new UI changes (see below), performance enhancements, the 'offline synchronization', and more. When using these links you may experience a lag time between adding actions and having them appear in the web dashboard. This is normal and is due to the synchronization for offline purposes).

Improved Template Selector view

Available for all mobile users

You may notice we've made some small UX improvements whenever you go to Inspection or Meetings -- Templates. Now, when you go to this screen you will see Recents, My Org, and Safesite -- allowing you to get to your most used or or org's templates faster.

'View' component update in web app

Available for all web users

You'll notice a small change on Report - View for any specific action, we've made it so that a popup will appear to show the actions' details. This allows admins to quickly view the full contents of a specific action without having to log in to mobile or export reports. We've also added the ability to copy and share a link of the action to another admin on the project.

Sign up and Login enhancements

Available for all mobile users

Over the past month we spent time simplifying sign up and login pages along with a major design change. Most importantly, we've made it a lot easier for newly invited users to complete their sign up onto the app. Prior to this change, newly invited users were unsure whether they should Sign up or Login. Now, we've simplified the onboarding by checking their email first before informing you to Login (if your account & password exists), Sign up (if no account exists), or Set up your password (if you were invited but did create a password as of yet).

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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