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Product Updates: October 2020
Product Updates: October 2020

Notes on everything released in the month of October

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Incident Report enhancements on admin dashboards

Available for all web users

  • We've fixed a bug in which incident reports were incorrectly closing on their own when first aid was selected to an injured person. Now, with this new update, admins have to click 'Close Report' after all required fields are added inorder to close the report.

  • A minor user experience update to the Add New Person flow. In this update when you click the Add New Person button it will take you straight to the correct screen, before this change you had to search before adding new persons.

Minor Score enhancements

Available for all web users

  • We've released a number of backend updates and tweaks to the scoring algorithm. Our goal is to continually improve the integrity and accuracy of our score when it comes to mitigating risk.

  • As you can see below, we've also updated the score explainer on the admin dashboard. You can access this by clicking the 'How do I improve this' button within Safesite Score component. Click here to read more about the Safesite Score and its factors.

Offline Update

We're beginning a staged roll-out of a major update that will allow you to use Safesite with no internet connection. What this means is that we will be releasing this update to a small % of users to start, and then increase the number of users every week until all Safesite users have this new offline update.

Thanks again for everyone's patience and a special thanks to all our beta testers! The offline experience will have more or less all the same functionality, read more here via our offline HelpCenter article.

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