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Product Updates: December 2018
Product Updates: December 2018

Notes on everything released in the month of December.

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Save & Close Incident Reports with ease

We knew our auto saving feature, as well as the Close Report button, had some issues working consistently on the web dashboard. So we went to work to make these features better. With this latest update, Incident Reports on web should autosave as you fill out each required field. Once all required fields are completed, you should also be able to Close the incident report for your record keeping.

Images on all Hazard Emails

We did some enhancements so now all Hazard resolved and Hazard assigned to empty team emails will include any image attached to the Hazard. A small but important improvement to help resolve hazards quicker.

Archived Hazards should no longer appear on Analysis Charts
Before this released, when you archived an hazard it still appeared on the Analysis screen Pie Charts. A bug we squashed immediately so you can confidently rely on our Analysis charts.

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