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Product Updates: December 2023
Product Updates: December 2023
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Meeting Attendee Signatures 🎉

Completing Safety Meetings on the Mobile app has never been easier! We've made them fully digital, which means uploading a photo is no longer required!

  • Instead of uploading a photo of your attendees or signature page(s,) attendees now have the option to provide a signature directly from the app by tapping on their name from the Meeting Attendees list.

  • You'll still be able to upload a photo the same way as before, but you'll notice that the "Add Photos" section will now say that this is optional if you've chosen to have attendees sign instead.

We've also made updates to the Safesite Desktop. Admins can now view Attendee signatures when viewing Safety Meeting reports by hovering over the attendee's name.

Safesite Risk Type Updates 🎉

All risk types within Safesite will now conform to the industry standard WCIO list of Injury Descriptions. Risk types that have been historically entered will now be converted to the appropriate risk type within the new list. You will also see this update in the following areas:

  • Hazard Risk Type Selection

  • Incident Hazard Risk Type Selection

  • Desktop Report Dashboards

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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