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How to Bulk Download PDF Reports for your Organization
How to Bulk Download PDF Reports for your Organization

Follow these steps to create a group to easily bulk download safety action reports.

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How to Bulk Download PDF Reports for your Organization

1. Log into on a desktop computer or a tablet.

2. Click the drop-down arrow next to your project name and select Groups.

3. Click Create New Group.

4. Enter your group details: Add a group name, add member email addresses, and click on all the projects in your organization to include. After the group is created, you will have access to view and export all of the safety action reports across projects within each safety action tab.

5. Next, select the Safety Action for the reports you would like to review and export. You can export reports for Hazards, Incidents, Inspections, Observations, and Meetings by selecting them from the left menu.

6. Select the date range of the reports you would like to download. If you are trying to download all your organization reports, select the date when your organization started using Safesite.

7. Next, scroll to the bottom of the table and click the rows per page dropdown to change the selection to 100 rows to ensure you see the maximum number of reports on the page.

8. Scroll back to the top of the table and check the checkbox to select all the reports on the page.

9. Next, select the export button. The export data pop-up will open.

10. From here, select PDF and email to receive a zip file of the reports to your email in around 15 minutes. (If you are downloading a large number of reports, please select the Email option instead of the Direct Download option)

11. To download all reports, repeat this with each safety action from the left menu.

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