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Why does the Safesite mobile app continue to load with a spinning wheel?
Why does the Safesite mobile app continue to load with a spinning wheel?
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You may see a spinning wheel or circle when parts of the Safesite Mobile App are loading or if you are in an area with marginal or no internet service.

If the spinning wheel continues for more than a minute or two it could be due to the following reasons:

Your device is frozen

If your device is frozen and you cannot close the Safesite app. Restart your phone and ensure you have a good cellular or WiFi internet connection prior to opening the application.

You are in Offline Mode

  • If you log into the app while offline without first syncing, a spinning wheel may appear when loading templates and other parts of the app.

  • If you are trying to access a meeting or inspection template from the Safesite Library that has not been used on your app previously, a spinning wheel may appear when trying to load it.

To prevent issues in loading, before going offline in a place without service, open the safety actions you would like to complete and save them as drafts:

  1. While online, select the action card or the plus icon to start logging a safety action

  2. Select the location and template

  3. Answer 1 question

  4. Select the “x”

  5. Select “Yes, Save”

  6. The draft will now appear in the Incomplete actions tab for you to access while offline.

The Safesite Mobile App needs to be updated

If you are not using the most recent version of Safesite, you may need to update your app if you see a spinning wheel.

If the situations above do not apply and you are still experiencing a spinning wheel, reach out to Safesite’s support team at [email protected] or through the Safesite Desktop or Mobile App Live Chat.

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