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Product Updates: June 2022
Product Updates: June 2022

Notes on everything released in the month of June

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Observations now require a description before completing

Available for all mobile users 📱 (version 7.0.18)

In our most recent app update, you'll notice you can no longer complete an Observation without text in the description field. We did this to mitigate pencil whipping and to make sure personnel are properly thinking about safety when documenting an observation.

Add multiple body parts to incident reports on mobile

Available for all mobile users 📱 (version 7.0.17)

In our most recent app update, you're now able to add more than 1 'body part' to an incident report. Before this change only admins could add more than 1 body part via the admin dashboard. With this change to mobile, it allows for more specific reporting of the injury.

File name changes when downloading weekly & monthly reports

Available for all admin dashboard users

If you're an admin that utilizes our Weekly and Monthly Reports feature, we've updated the file names when downloaded to include your org name, project name, and dates so you don't have to rename the reports before sending to team members or for your own review.

Minor enhancements

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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