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Product Updates: May 2021
Product Updates: May 2021

Notes on everything released in the month of May

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Meeting Attendee enhancements

Available for all users

We fixed a couple of bugs & minor enhancements when it comes to adding attendees

  • On the mobile app, users who are on large Organizations with lots of potential meeting attendees will now load faster due to some performance enhancements we made.

  • When adding a meeting attendee, you can now search across your entire org

  • We now show a list of 100 personnel, if there are more in your Org you can search via their name or email to search beyond the initial 100 loaded.

  • Fixed a bug where non-org members who are meeting attendees are sometimes duplicated

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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