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Product Updates: February 2021
Product Updates: February 2021

Notes on everything released in the month of February

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Locations -- Minor enhancements in the admin web dashboard

Available for all web users

  • Fixed a bug in which archived locations were appearing within the location filter dropdown when a user navigates to the Reports screen for either the Equipment, Observation, or Incident reports views. Archived locations should no longer appear, if an admin wants to restore an archive location they must go to Project Details -- Locations -- Show Archived.

  • Minor enhancement to the Project Details -- Location view so that when an admin archives a location, they are not automatically refreshed to page 1. Instead, we will keep the admin on the current page after the archive location action is done.

  • You can now create a new location while creating a new or editing an existing Incident Report

Analysis -- Minor Chart Enhancements

Available for all web users

  • When an Analysis Chart is exported, we're now showing the chart's title label on the exported file to make it easier to understand the data being shown.

  • Added a new 'Location Breakdown' chart on the Incidents -- Analysis page

Templates -- Link & Link Text to Display

Available for all web users

  • 'Link Text to Display' field is no longer required for a link to display. This means the admin can enter only a 'Link' and it will display as its own url.

  • We've added character counters to both 'Link' and 'Link Text to Display' that decrements as characters are entered

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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