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Product Updates: November 2020
Product Updates: November 2020

Notes on everything released in the month of November

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Incident Reports -- 'COVID' is now an 'injury or illness' type option

Available for all users

With COVID not going away anytime soon, we added an option to select 'COVID' as an Injury or Illness Type to your Incident Report.

Minor enhancements to Web

Available for all web users

  • Analysis Pages for Incidents/Hazards no longer showing 'undetermined' or 'slice'

  • Fixed a bug in which users who had location services OFF but logged a hazard, would incorrectly default to SF as the location on the admin dashboard. We realize this was causing confusion so we've made a change to not add any pin/location if the user has location services off. We've also updated previous reports to remove any default SF locations that were not intentionally added.

  • Fixed a minor Template reordering bug. Previously we noticed sometimes when you tried to reorder questions there were inconsistencies with what the reorder list is shown and the actual template shows.

  • You can now add Comments to Incident Reports via the web admin dashboard, previously adding comments to Incident Reports was only possible via our mobile app.

Mobile app performance & minor enhancements

Available for all mobile users

  • Released a number of minor enhancements that should improve the load time of the Actions screen, Equipment searches, and overall performance.

  • On Android we've fixed some issues when it came to adding photos along with disappearing headers when the keyboard appeard

  • Make sure to update to 5.0 to experience the latest update

Safesite Offline Rollout has begun!

Safesite's mobile apps, both iOS & Android, are now fully functional when you're offline or in areas of poor connectivity! We've begun a staged roll-out which means that we will be releasing this update to a small % of users to start, and then increase the number of users every week until all Safesite users have this new offline update. The offline experience has more or less all the same functionality, read more here via this HelpCenter article. If you or organization want to be the first ones on the rollout please contact [email protected]

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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