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Product Updates: April 2020
Product Updates: April 2020

Notes on everything released in the month of April

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Web app bug fixes & minor enhancements

Available for all users on the web app

  • Adding Non-project Personnel to Meetings -- We fixed a bug that was causing any meeting attendee, who's not added to the project, to appear on the Project Dashboard -- Weekly Actions list view. This was causing confusing since personnel who are not on the project should never be on the Weekly Actions list.

  • Admin Daily & Weekly Summaries -- There was an issue for the past few weeks that was blocking all Daily and Weekly Admin Summaries from sending. We've fixed this so all admins should now be receiving Summaries. Keep in mind you can control the day and time to receive these summaries by navigating to the Web Dashboard -- Project Details -- My Notifications settings (read more here)

  • Unable to add new Certificates -- This bug would happen on occasion where users were unable to finish completing a new certificate they created. We've fixed this along with some other minor Certificate enhancements.

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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