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Product Updates: December 2019
Product Updates: December 2019

Notes on everything released in the month of December

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New languages: Portuguese & French
Available for all users on the mobile app

Safesite mobile apps now support Portuguese & French. To change your preferred language simply go to your profile and select the language.

Deep-linking emails to mobile app when on mobile device
Available for all users on the mobile app

Admin daily & weekly summary emails, along with Hazard emails, will now deep link. This means that if you're viewing the email on your mobile device and you click a button, let's say 'Resolve Hazard' button, it will automatically open the mobile app to the appropriate  safety item.

Changed Observation types from Safe and Risk to Positive and Negative
Available for all users on the mobile & web app

In our previous version, the difference between a Risk Observation and a Hazard caused confusion for some so we decided to make a change. Observation types have now been changed to Positive and Negative instead of Safe and Risk.

We based our decision making on the fact that most systems' break down is along the lines of a physical hazard vs. a hazard caused by a worker that might cause an injury or incident. Most "Observations" are of people, and they can be either positive or negative, and are usually handled at the time of observation and the interaction recorded (This is the beating heart of Behavioral Safety systems). 

The other type - physical hazard reporting; involves unsafe conditions, broken equipment, etc... usually lend themselves to the Hazard analysis approach. These tend to get reviewed for action at a higher level and may or may not have a work order or a tracking number assigned so they can be followed to closure. 

Make sure to update your Safesite app
so you have all the latest changes and as always, send us feedback at [email protected]

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