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Product Updates: October 2019
Product Updates: October 2019

Notes on everything released in the month of October

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Safesite Score enhancements
Available for all users on the mobile app

  • We've made enhancements to the algorithm to better reflect your safety score

  • Admins can now choose which safety modules (observations, inspections, hazards, etc.) are factored into your Safesite score. To do so, navigate to Organization -- Settings -- Score Management as shown in the screenshot below.

'Edit' permission enhancements to Safety HQ on mobile
Available for all users on the mobile app

We've made changes to only allow admins, responsible teams, or the user who created the safety action, to Edit safety actions via the Safety HQ screen. This means all personnel on a project will still be able to view all safety items for a given project, but only an admin, responsible team, or creator of the item can Edit the item.

Performance and Stability enhancements
Available for all users on the mobile app

  • Inspections -- We've made improvements to Inspections with multiple images, Observations and Hazards are attached. It should be a lot smoother now when doing lengthy inspections and attaching multiple photos, Observations, and Hazards.

  • Safety HQ results -- we've changed the Safety HQ to show up to 100 results (previously only showed up to 10 at a time)

  • For mobile users, like admins who are on a lot of projects, we've added pagination (see screenshot below) to improve load times. 

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have all the latest changes and as always, send us feedback at [email protected]

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