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Product Updates: August 2019
Product Updates: August 2019

Notes on everything released in the month of August

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NEW: Inspections and Meetings Template Library

Available for all users

You no longer have to allocate templates to individual projects. Instead, all of the Safesite library's inspection and meetings templates and your organization's templates will be accessible from any project at any given time. 

What does this mean?

  • There's now one central repository. Edit 1 template in your org and the changes will reflect on your projects in real time.

  • No more extra-work when it comes to managing every project's templates. 

  • Click the DUPLICATE AND EDIT button to duplicate and add any Safesite template to your own org's library where you can edit it to your liking

  • Better categorization: We've added fields for the industry type, author, jurisdiction, and description.

  • Filter based on industry or language

How does this look on the mobile app?

We've updated Meetings and Inspections to support this new library have a look below. To make the selection process even quicker, we've also added a Recent button that will show any templates you've recently used. 

Lite/Pro users are now Guest/Org member

Available for all users

We decided to simplify ''personnel types' into guests or org members (employees) to better account for which personnel are actually part of your org. Guests can still do any safety action, but they can't be an admin and for reporting purposes, are typically not employees of your org (think subcontractors). Keep in mind the Safesite Score only factors personnel with the type org member. 

NEW: Inbox/Activity on the Desktop Dashboard

Available for all users on the web app

Another small change that we plan to continually improve. On the desktop dashboard you'll now receive alerts for Hazards and Projects you've been added to. We plan to introduce other web alerts in the future, so feel free to give us feedback on what you want to see here.

Enhancements to Create New Project

Available for all users on the web app

  • Now that templates are no longer project-specific, thanks to the template library, we've removed template allocation out of the Create Project steps.

  • You can now assign weekly safety actions on Step 3!

  • We've decided to remove PIN since we've made it a lot easier to add personnel to a project via Mobile and have more improvements to come with regards to easily adding personnel.

Invite personnel via Mobile app

Available for all users on the mobile app

Since we removed the project PIN, we knew we needed to make it easier for mobile users to add other personnel to a project.

Adding users to projects just got easier - go to 'Projects' - select 'more' - tap 'Invite' and you'll see you can now quickly enter an email to add personnel to the project.

Minor enhancements to Mobile app 

Available for all users on the mobile app

  • Removed Join project button

  • New Safesite overview video. Navigate to Settings -- Tour to see 

  • New users will now receive basic action cards to get them started using Safesite

  • You can now add a profile picture! Go to your Profile page to upload one. See an example below:

As always, send us feedback at [email protected]

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