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Product Updates: June 2019
Product Updates: June 2019

Notes on everything released in the month of June.

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Meeting enhancements to the adding attendees feature

Available for all users on the mobile app 

  • The Add Attendees feature has been updated to show recently used attendees so you can do a quick add, or search through the project personnel list. 

  • Now, when you Add New attendees we give you the option to the attendee as a user on the project or leave them as a guest solely on the meeting. 

  • Tapping the 'Invite to Project' checkbox will send the New Personnel an invite to join Safesite onto this project.

  • Leaving the checkbox blank will still add the user to the meeting as a guest, meaning the user will not receive an invite to the project and will not appear in the Project -- Personnel list on the admin dashboard

Custom meeting templates for ad hoc meetings

Available for all users on the mobile app 

We've created a template for those times when you want to do an ad hoc safety meeting but there isn't a specific template that covers the topic. To do this select the meeting template "Safesite - Construction - Custom Meeting" and enter the meeting topic or description that was discussed. Have a look below:

Enhancements to the Hazard notifications

Available for all users on the mobile app 

  • User who creates hazard will now receive the 'Hazard Resolved' in-app alert 

  • Responsible team members who are tagged will now receive 'Hazard Recorded' and 'Hazard Resolved' in-app notification (initially they are only receiving email)

  • If a team with no members in it is assigned to a hazard, project admins will now receive an email notifying them that an Empty team was assigned to Hazard. 

  • Click here to see the list of notifications we send when it comes to Hazards

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Available for all users on the web app 

  • Removed the 'cancel' icon that used to appear when you hover over calendar date range filters

  • The MANAGE button for Certificates within Daily/Weekly summary emails was previously not working, it's now fixed to deep link to the specific personnel's profile page where you can manage their certificates. 

  • You can now search via Teams on the Weekly Actions screen

  • Fixed a bug that wasn't allowing you to remove a person from the invite list when you create a new team.

As always, send us feedback at [email protected]

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