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Product Updates: May 2019
Product Updates: May 2019

Notes on everything released in the month of May.

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NEW: Safesite score v2

Available for all admins on the web app  

Our team has spent the last 2 months reviewing how the inefficiencies of the old score, testing new algorithms, reviewing the data, and refining the end result.

We've now released a robust new score that can better quantify your personnel's safety performance and engagement within the Safesite app. The score is still presented from A to D but there's a lot more inputs and analysis being factored into the score to give a realistic depiction of how engaged your personnel is when it comes to safety. 

So how exactly is the Safesite Score calculated? Head over to this article for a deep dive. Keep in mind, there's still some room for improvement so if you have any feedback feel free to email me at
[email protected]

Safesite Score
screen now shows all module scores

Available for all admins on the web app  

The new Safesite score factors all safety actions, even ones you may not use. So if you navigate to Safety HQ -- Safety Score, you'll notice we're now showing all safety action scores along with the overall project score. We're hoping this will give you a clearer picture around which safety actions you use frequently and ones you should consider using more to help improve your overall project score.

No Recent Activity
label shown if a project has no new actions for 40 days

Available for all admins on the web app  

As shown on the screenshot below, you may notice the no recent activity label we've added to all projects with no actions created for 40 days. In this scenario, the project will have this label along with an 'N/A' score. This is a great way to remind admins to either close out the project or to get active again! The label will go away once a new action is created on the project. 

Team enhancements

Available for all admins on the web app  

  • We've removed the featured principal team altogether. It didn't serve much of a purpose before so we decided to rip it out to make way for more team enhancements to come. 

  • If a team with no members in it is assigned to a hazard, admins will now receive an email notifying them that an Empty team was assigned to Hazard. Click here to learn more about the different Hazard notifications.

Hazards -- Analysis enhancements to Root Cause and Activity being performed breakdown charts

Available for all admins on the web app  

When mobile personnel log Hazards and tag a Root Cause, you can now analyze the data in the web dashboard via Hazards -- Analysis. Both Root Cause and Activity being perform breakdown charts are now live for you to better analyze Root Cause data from Hazards recorded.

Org Admins can now view any item
Available for all admins on the web app  

Org Admins are now able to view any action url when the VIEW button is clicked. This means you don't need to add org admins to projects anymore just for them to click the VIEW button to review a safety item. 

As always, send us feedback at [email protected]

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